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the autonomic nervous system, in color!

Autonomic Nervous System Divisions: Dysautonomia refers to an abnormality of function of the autonomic nervous system.

Elementary Watson - Sympathomimetic Drugs

This post will be about sympathomimetic drugs, or sympathetic nervous system (SNS) agonists. Firstly, a little introduction/reminder to the layout of the autonomic nervous system (i.

Vagus nerve touches the heart. It is the longest nerve in the human body and because of that is the most likely to be damaged, for instance...in the case of Lyme demyelination.

How Does the Vagus Nerve Convey Gut Instincts to the Brain? Neuroscientists have identified how the vagus nerve communicates with the brain.


Sudarshan Kriya - and here is a good shot of the Vagus nerve which this kriya heals and improves, which, in turn, changes mind and brain.

Affirmation Blessings

Affirmations strengthen our beliefs and enhance self-confidence. That age-old phrase, "you are what you think," relates to a belief system that indicates everyt

Cash Flow Mini

Money seems to be one of the most pressing issues to most people. Taking the most action-oriented word blessings to create abundance, this mini collection can f