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Hittite Empire - Hititler - VikipediMÖ 1290 yılında Hitit İmparatorluğu haritası

The maximal extent of the Hittite Empire ca. 1300 BC (red), bordering on the Egyptian Empire (green). The Hittite Old Kingdom is shown in darker red.

Hittite Map

This is a map of the Ancient Near East. It shows where the Hittites, Egyptians, Babylonians & Assyrians were during the century BCE. (remember that many ancient names come from the Greek)

A map of the origins of the Greek and Trojan troops and their leaders in the Trojan War

An interesting folk memory map of Homeric Greece During the traditional period attested to for the Trojan War.

The map of 4thReich EUrope's regions

The map of 4thReich EUrope's regions


A map of the Earth around 250 to 200 million years ago. The Supercontinent Pangaea of the Triassic Period - featuring Gondwanna, Laurasia and Pangaea the Supercontinent. Populated with Dinosaurs, Therapsids, Pterosaurs, and other prehistoric beasties.

France in 1180

Map of France 1180 (France is in blue). Fascinating how France pulled together into a single cohesive country when it started off from such a divided beginning.