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Post Injury Analysis & Treatment | Bald Runner

To get a full appreciation of what happened to me last Sunday's PIM, I tried to look for charts and pictures of specific muscles of the lower leg. Having finished two years of BS Pre-Med before ent.

LU 1

( Central Residence ZHONGFU - Acupuncture Points ) 6 cun lateral of the anterior midline and approximately 1 cun below ➞ slightly medial to the lower border of the coracoid process.


Bladder Shu PANGGUANGSHU - Acupuncture Points] cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the second sacral foramen.

The Muscles that Work the Pulleys that Lift the Arches of the Feet

The pulley of the ankle bone lifts the arches of the feet using the muscles of the lower leg to lift the bones of the foot into their functional positions.