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an old green wooden stool sitting on top of a white table in front of a white wall
Antique Step Stool / Green Wood Riser | Etsy | Step stool, Wooden chair plans, Stool
Antique Step Stool / Green Wood Riser. $68,00, via Etsy.:
a small wooden table with an open shelf on the top and one drawer at the bottom
Large Limbert
Large Limbert oak-top “Cricket” spade-cutout stool. Signed with branded mark. Very nicely refinished.
Fringe Bangs
What she wanted: A fringe that could double as a “curtain bang” with more movement and less bulk hair by @profechanell . . #haircut #fringe #toronto #gta #hairstylist
an area rug with multicolored waves on it
Ковры турецких производителей: Ravis, Genova Home, Aydin
Чики Рики: Дизайнерские коврики из Турции: Aydin, Ravis, Chilai Home