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Alexandra Koumboulla

Alexandra Koumboulla
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A #Criatividade é uma palavra livre. Não se prendam em conceitos, tornem-se livres com as vossas ideias! It's not about a Brand, it's about a Lifestyle.

Discover thousands of images about Real Tree branches hung on a wall to make this stylish Family Tree Photo display

Chambre Gaspard (9)

20 Ceiling Lamp Ideas for Kids’ Rooms in 2017 - Bedrooms are safe havens where we retreat after spending a long day outside; being spending time outdoors is healthy, but sometimes we cant help but .

Την έχετε σίγουρα δοκιμάσει, πιθανόν στα KFC ή αλλού.  Η κλασσική Αμερικάνικη έκδοση για το λάχανο σαλάτα, με την χαρακτηριστική γλυκόξινη γ...

Coleslaw is a cabbage salad mixed with mayonnaise and other vegetables. This is one of the favorite salads of Filipinos, normally served in burgers or as a side dish. It’s actually not that hard to make Coleslaw. With the right Continue reading →

Mini Plastic Animals DIY Canvas

kinderkamer(s)? This cute DIY canvas project made with plastic animals is such a fun and easy idea! It's perfect for a nursery, kids' room, or craft studio.