mary #lovespinterest.....and cats!

mary #lovespinterest.....and cats!

Heyy!So I am greek but I mostly write english so if someone who isn't a greek happens to see one of my pins or posts they'll understand.I also love fat kittys!
mary #lovespinterest.....and cats!
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You can improve your mood almost instantly by eating these foods: oatmeal, cereal, salmon, milk, dark chocolate and bananas." – life hacks via 1000 Life Hacks

Maze Life Hack! You'll never know when you'll need it ;)

this was in maze runner but it didn't work cos the walls kept moving every night. useful if you ever get lost in a maze

Life hacks

If you're ever feeling sleepy, hold your breath as long as you can, and then breath out slowly. It increases your heart rate.