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Every girl should read this. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. I could've settled too but I didn't.

Not easy, but worth it. Letting all anger go is the best feeling in the world. I’m finally at peace with myself, and it only took 28 years!

Calmness is a human superpower. The ability to not overreact or take things personally keeps your mind clear and your heart at peace.

Broken Hearts...and broken promises

She’s to Scared to get Close to Anyone Because Everyone Who Promised They Would Stay, Turned Their backs and walked Away ~ Life Quote

I'm really okay I think a lot it's just with some things I cannot turn off my thoughts and feelings even if I try. I'm okay just sorting through them and healing myself however long that will take but I'll be fine 💖

love yourself quotes

Breaks my heart to see friends who are simply used by others. Caught in a vicious cycle.

dancing in the living room to cascadia like total goof balls after we made love.


Even the prettiest woman could feel insecure if she loves the wrong man. What makes her beautiful is a man who can treat her right.

I don't need anyone. If you're in my life, it's because I value you and want you there

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I've endured the worst times of life alone. I don't need anyone. If you're in my life, it's because I value you and want you there. So true

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that’s all that matters. Being able to sleep better, not having the thoughts, pains and all that goes with it.

Watch out, don't fall victim

Top Unusual Cat Breeds On Earth.

Using sex as a weapon of punishment. Spreading lies and deceit about me so you could save face for what you did to destroy our marriage. You're a pathetic, miserable, cunt.

Being human but more importantly humane. You can't stop people from taking advantage of the situation. They heard what they wanted to hear. So easy to give the benefit of doubt.