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Lots of sewing tutorials for you. Try our mixed media fabric collage, easy table runner, couched patchwork tote bag and many more projects. Great, quick and…
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the amanda bag free sewing pattern is shown in front of a white background with red trim
The Alanda Bag – Handbag Tutorial
You can make the Alanda Handbag! Perfect to make with fabric that matches a favorite outfit. This small handbag is great for those times when you don't need a large tote. Watch our free video tutorial and step-by-step written instructions to see how to make the Alanda handbag.
the instructions for how to sew a dog bed with pictures on it and text overlay that reads, easy no sew dog bed
An Easy to Make No Sew Pet Bed - Tutorialaft - Quilting & Craft Tutorials, Reviews & More
Updating your dog or cat's bed is super easy with our NO SEW pet bed. Make it to suit the size of your pet. It's a fun sewing project and your pet will appreciate its warm, snuggly bed. Follow our free video tutorial and written instructions to see just how easy this is to make.
the scrap buster project make a fabric journal book cover
Learn How to Make Fabric Book Covers Easily
Why not turn your journals and soft covered books into personalized treasures with these fabric covers. Our free video tutorial guides you through the process, from measurements to finishing touches. Discover how to add a touch of creativity to your journals. And they make great personalized gifts for family and friends.
how to repair a damaged quilt with the help of an expert sewing guide and instructions
How to Repair a Damaged Quilt - Darcy Quilts
How to Repair a Damaged Quilt – Darcy Quilts
EASY TO MAKE SEWING TOOLS ORGANIZER Sewing Notions Organization, Sewing Tools Organizer, Sewing Supplies Organization, Tools Organizer, Basic Quilt, Sewing Space, Sewing Tutorials Free, Quilt Batting, Sewing Organization
Are you tired of spending precious time rummaging through messy drawers and tangled threads in search of your sewing supplies? Look no further because I have the ultimate solution for you: a beautiful, easy to sew, quilted sewing supplies organizer. #easypeasycreativeideas
three pencils sitting in a holder on top of a pink notebook with gold stars and the words, netbook pen holder 30 minutes sew
Pen holder for notebook DIY sewing tutorial
Sew yourself a handy DIY pen holder for your notebook or journal so you’ve always got something to write with when inspiration hits. With just a few simple supplies and a bit of creativity, you can whip up a holder that not only fits your style but also keeps your pen right where you need it—attached to your notebook, ready for whenever you need to jot something down.
a red, white and blue shirt hanging on a wall
Learn how to sew a scarf into a top and make yourself a flattering, comfortable top with this easy and quick batwing top tutorial! All it takes is a nice scarf and a couple of stitches. #easypeasycreativeideas #sewing #sewingforwomen
a purse with flowers on it and the words how to sew a fabric closet safe
How to Sew a Fabric Closet Safe
Learn to sew this terrific hide-able storage hanger. Store your valuables in the closet among your clothes where no one can find them in this terrific sewing project. The step-by step sewing tutorial will walk you through exactly how to make this useful project.
craft tool roll - up with scissors and pens in it
Easy to Make Sewing/Craft Tools Roll-up Holder - Tutorial
This is a quick and easy roll-up holder for your sewing, craft and art accessories. They are ideal for holding scissors, rotary cutters, paint brushes or even makeup brushes. It is made from just 3 fat quarters. These make great gifts so you can personalize them by choosing three contrasting pieces to suit the person you are giving it too. Check out our free tutorial and written instructions to see how easy these are to make
a bucket hat is shown with the text summer bucket hat free sewing pattern on it
Summer Bucket Hat Tutorial And Free Sewing Pattern - Orange Bettie
Summer Bucket Hat Tutorial With Free Sewing Pattern by Orange Bettie
a blue tote bag sitting on top of a wooden table next to a brick wall
Tote Bag Pattern - Step-by-Step tutorial
Make a quick and easy tote bag. This version is made from just one piece of fabric making this super easy to make. Great to use for groceries and it makes a great gift when filled with luxury foods.
how to make a teardrop zipper pouch with free sewing pattern and instructions for beginners
How to Make a Teardrop Zipper Pouch
Here is another cute zipper pouch sewing tutorial from Sew Very Crafty. This is a fun little teardrop zipper pouch with free sewing pattern and step-by-step sewing instructions. This is a fun little project and a cute little pouch so give this one a try.
an orange and white purse with the words how to make a slider pencil pouch
How to Make a Slider Pen Pouch
This is a fun take on a pencil pouch. It zips and slides up and sown to revel your pens and pencils. This is a fun project to make so I urge you to give it a try. It seems more complicated than it is. it is really a simple sewing project so give it a try.
the ultimate guide to amazing sewing projects for beginners, including an easy sew project
Mega List of Easy Sewing Projects
30 Easy Sew Projects. I love all of these simple sew projects. All of them have great step by step sewing tutorials with pictures and videos for each sewing project. These easy sew projects are perfect for sewing beginners! Their are clothing sewing projects, home sewing projects and kitchen sewing projects. #sewingforbeginners #sewingforbeginnerseasy #sewingprojectsforbeginners #sewingprojects
the instructions for how to make an easy lunch bag with paper and scissors on it
Oilcloth Lunch Bag Tutorial
Tired of the boring old brown paper lunch bag? Add some fun to your working day with this super easy to sew Oilcloth Lunch Bag! Follow this step-by-step tutorial and have fun with this easy sewing project over the weekend. #OilclothLunchBagTutorial #HowToSewOilclothLunchBag #EasySewingProjects