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The French Tricolour.(French National). The three colours are occasionally taken to represent the three elements of the revolutionary motto, liberté (freedom: blue), égalité (equality: white), fraternité (brotherhood: red); this symbolism was referenced in Krzysztof Kieślowski's three colours film trilogy, for example.

This is the national flag of France, a country in Western Europe. Check out these fun France facts and France maps.

Hubble at 25: the best images from the space telescope - in pictures  The star cluster Pismis 24 lies in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357. The bluest stars are the youngest, and part of the nebula is ionised by them. The ultraviolet radiation from the blazing stars heats the gas surrounding the cluster.

Pismis located at the core of small open star cluster Pismis can be seen in this image provided by NASA and ESA. The star cluster Pismis 24 lies in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357 that extends on the arm of the Sagittarius constellation.

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth, 1948... Every time I go to the MOMA this grabs me. Creepy.

The Wyeth family, who could not be impressed by their talents and artwork. son of N C Wyeth passed away January Andrew Wyeth was probably most noted for his painting, "Christina's World". Wyeth, you will.

Francisco de Goya -  El sueño de la razón produce monstruos.Goya imagines himself asleep amidst his drawing tools, his reason dulled by slumber and bedeviled by creatures that prowl in the dark. The work includes owls that may be symbols of folly and bats symbolising ignorance. The artist's nightmare reflected his view of Spanish society, which he portrayed in the Caprichos as demented, corrupt, and ripe for ridicule.

Francisco Goya: "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" (Spanish: El sueño de la razón produce monstruos) (One of the most famous prints of the "Caprichos") c. 1799 Type: Etching, aquatint, drypoint and burin, Dimensions: cm × 15 cm