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Proper form in running includes correct posture. See this great info graphic on all the different pieces that make up proper running form.

30 Day Squat Challenge Fitness Workout Chart

30 Day Squat Challenge

If running is difficult, run more. This lesson applies to anything…

awesome 35 Motivational Fitness Quotes GUARANTEED To Get You Going - Simple Beautiful Life Hahahah studying more it is.


Daily motivation (25 photos)

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Health and Fitness Quotes, Sayings and Images for motivation. These motivational Fitness and Exercise Quotes will motivate you to work out and fitness!

So true

I know it's hard after a long day, but you MUST make time for yourself! What's worse - losing 30 min at home relaxing or losing years off your life & with your loved ones b/c you didn't MAKE TIME to get healthy?

I think we all have things we'd like to say that about one day. It's just a matter of doing it and overcoming the fear of failure that stands in the way.

" Success is going from one failure to another failure without losing your enthusiasm" Weight loss doesn't happen overnight ! Getting a 6 pack tummy or or a toned body doesn't happen overnight either ! But staying determined - dedicated and motivate


ॐ Yoga: Transforming Your Body: Yoga outside can help you feel more connected to the Earth.

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Color Me Rad It's a little different than the Color Run, but I had so much more fun with this! Definitely a fun way to stay fit and act silly throwing color everywhere!

Trail running!

I'm a huge runner and running not only keeps me healthy but it also keeps me motivated. I love running outside.

Half Marathon Training Guide for Beginners [from Competitor Magazine]

A useful chart for runners attempting the Half Marathon for the first time. It assumes you have been running at least a year in shorter distances.