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a piece of paper that has been written in blue ink on top of white lined paper
ξαφνικά μόνη (Μικρές Καθημερινές Ιστορίες)
sticker with the words all the best people are crazy in black on white background
"All The Best People Are Crazy" Sticker for Sale by alicerapo
graffiti on the side of a building that says merry crisis and a happy new fear
“Merry Crisis” via @boblawblizzy
someone is holding up a sticky note attached to a refrigerator
the stars in the night sky are laughing in your voice quote on black background with white writing
Μικρός Πρίγκηπας: 10 quotes που δε μας αφήνουν να τον ξεχάσουμε - Frapress
the text is written in two languages, and it appears to be an old english language
a close up of a piece of paper with writing on it in two different languages
αποσπασματα τασος λειβαδιτης - Αναζήτηση Google