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a man in a black outfit holding his fist up
an anime character holding his head with one hand and looking at the sky behind him
an image of some people taking a selfie in front of a mirror with the caption fire squad / avatar the last airbender
avatar zuko art
two people sitting under a tree looking at the sunset over a field with an orange sky
Zuko and Iroh
This is the BEST wallpapered for Zuko I found so far
the seven symbols in watercolor on a black background
"Avatar the Last Airbender - The Four Elements" iPhone Case for Sale by Brody Lane McKinnon
two different avatars with the same caption for each character, and one that is in
Team Avatar💥Book 1-3
Team Avatar 🌊🍃🔥🌬
an anime scene with two people embracing each other
an animated image of a woman laying on the ground in front of a brick wall
What happens to you