Alexandra Nikiforidou

Alexandra Nikiforidou

Alexandra Nikiforidou
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Lyra, knee hang walking man variation

Aerial Hoop with Pole Perfect Fitness. Recently shown on Tumble in Aerial hoop is a beautiful art form. It is one of the oldest and most respected forms in the aerial tradition, …

Fin de sapito, queda divino!!

Aerialist, Circus Acrobat on Deep Red Silks - Without a Net - Acrobat, Gymnast Poses Upside Down in Silk Routine - Fine Art Photography

Wish we could spend every Autumn day like @manechkka

how we'd acheive this is another story but visually spectacular, iconic shots could become a front cover trademark?

Julia Lavron Aerial hammock, aerial sling STUDIO19, Odessa, Ukraine

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