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Alexandros T
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Vagabund is a new Austrian workshop. Established only this year, their design philosophy is simple: to enhance the essence and magic of classic motorcycles, and create unique pieces of art. And judging by this BMW R100R, we’d say they’re doing an impeccable job.

We have a fine crop of new builds for your pleasure in our latest Bikes Of The Week. And we’re particularly partial to this lovely BMW from a new Austrian workshop, vagabund_moto. From one hundred yards out, you can spot this one is special.

Run by a sculptor and furniture maker, Sette Nero Motorcycles London have just created this beautiful BMW

bike-exif: “For most of us, a weekend ride is enough to clear the head. But guitarist Mark Ceilinger of needed stronger therapy. So he built this jewel-like BMW as a relief valve while helping his girlfriend cope with a.

R Nine T Lookalike  Cafe Racer

R Nine T Lookalike Cafe Racer