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MOGUL | Are You Part of the 98% Blown Away By This Test? Or Are You in the 2% That Thinks Differently?

So the two people before me said pink hammer and purple hammer. I said purple carpenters pencil.I have an abnormal mind. >>>I thought of blue hammer<<<< I thought red scerwdriver// purple screwdriver

It worked....... MIND BLOWN!

This is an online game which can guess a real or fictional character you're thinking of just by asking you 20 simple questions. It's creepy how often the genie's guesses are correct.even when challenged with super obscure characters

Monument Valley - Arizona - USA (von soyignatius)

we feature collection amazing places on the world,waterfall,lost world,mysterious places,wired art and more.


there is another beautiful killarney in the world .Autumn reflections ~ Killarney Provincial Park in central Ontario, Canada by Don Johnston

astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, nebulas

Exploring Universe: Thomas Wright presents an alternate view of the Milky Way galaxy in cross section. Plates XXXI and XXXII show the universe filled with many systems like our own, each a star-filled shell surrounding its own "eye of Providence" - from A