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Alexandra Labropoulou

Alexandra Labropoulou
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Happy Hanukkah Chanukah with this Hanukkah Bush. Just take a big tree branch, paint white, put in a glamorous pot, then decorate with various blues, silvers, & frosted whites ornaments. it's great because I'm a shiksa, & I like to incorporate Christmas with Hanukkah together <3

Just take a tree branch and pant it white. After its dry, hang blue, silver, white and gold ornaments and some lights!

Christmas !! xoxo I say, "why not ALL the time?!?"

Stars are the charm of Christmas decoration, isn’t it? Whether you hang the massive stars from the ceiling or use tiny stars, Christmas decoration seems incomplete without them. Today, we’ll share 40 ways to use stars for Christmas decoration.

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I had a white light decorated branch in the nursery when Littles was eensy. Would like to have one again in the living room. Love how she hanged stars, too. Use insulating foam to hold the branch upright in the pot.