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Wait, does something happen to my Yoosung?<<< He goes on a mission with Seven and blinds his left eye ;(

Wait, does something happen to my Yoosung?😫<<honestly though i was fucking HOVERING over my phone every second of the day constantly checking for notifs

Zen 's son and Jumin 's daughter

That night after the party. They are 15 years too early dad. So I heard you guys starting to ship these two. :’) Update:: Read someone mention about Zen’s psychic dream- OKAY I FORGOT ABOUT.

A forbidden love, that is destined to blossom like a rose *dramatic voice intensifies*

Dude I bet MC would come over and ask Zen why he couldn't like Jumin's daughter, and then call him stupid after he answers. And then do the same thing to Jumin.

OMG Nooooo....God Whyyyy!!! T_T

Clumsiness like that can not be tolerated if 707 is involved!