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listen to your heart. #edmlove #dance #rave #music #edm #edc #trance #dj #plur

I disagree with this "listen to your heart" post. I don't always listen to my heart because my heart/desires are so foolish sometimes and can lead me into dumb things. Mind always has to be in control. That's why I pray, read, and learn a lot!

coldplay, chris martin

coldplay, chris martin / music photography I want to be a concert photographer


sometimes the music just can't get loud enough. music is food for your soul


Music is a piece of music that goes in the ears straight to the heart

Music on

Urban Music oN! Hip-Hop, House, Freestyle, etc.

a lot of people don't understand why I love this music so much. Its love ♥ This is a cool Pin but OMG check this out #EDM

We could share music with each other and show everyone new bands that we like

Trance Heaven. Bill, try this with Guinnie when she is fussy!

Sleep tight baby- cute pic not sure if I would do that with a baby

the art of thinking with sounds.

Music is my life . Music tells stories . Music soothes the soul . Music brings fourth emotions . Music makes you think , remember , reflect .

A central element of the rave subculture is the distribution of music. This image of “music heals everything” is a value strongly held by ravers, to which they choose to identify with the subculture. The previous nature of underground raves; venues tended to play different genres in multiple rooms (e.g. House, Techno, Drum n Bass).

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