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Baño de oro
Sculpture for the Earth by Teresa Murak, 1974 #moonlists #teresamurak


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I used to think, That if a lover didn't feel the same love, that If a lover didn't feel the intensity of skin Like I did Or the sorcery of eyes at night And the smell of sex and poetry of mornings Like I did I used to think, That if a lover didn't kiss with the same ache Or the same death dying need Or the same beastly hunger That my love was wrong, And my feelings were invalid And that it all meant nothing that I was fucking crazy cause I felt more I always felt more And that meant I couldn't l
art by #jennyholzer
Marina Abramovic


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JFK Jr and Caroline Bissett Kennedy | 90s style icons | minimal fashion
michelle tanner cute picture // black and white photograph // ashley mary kate olsen as kids

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someone is holding up their phone to take a photo with the sun in the background
tokujin yoshioka floods tokyo's shiseido gallery with infinite rainbow colors
a woman holding grapes in her hands while sitting on the floor next to a bowl
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a stack of books and a wine glass on top of each other in front of a door
FOOD — Jacinta Moore: Food, Lifestyle, Portrait & Interiors Photographer Melbourne
a table with a lamp, books and a basket sitting on it next to a wall
Photo Diary: Andrea Smith
two glasses of wine and some cheese on a table
Jodi Balfour on Instagram: “paper-thin slices of salty, milky, sharpness 🧡 @pompettecph”
five different colored vases lined up in a row
French Girls Love This Quirky, Color-Filled Concept Shop
three different colored vases sitting next to each other on a white surface with shadows
Stacking Sculptures — SIGRID BUUS
there are many different cakes and desserts on the table with penguin figurines
The True Bob Files