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If this child was wearing pink you would say "she's so cute" without a thought. Identifying boys and girls through separate colors reinforces gender differences. Dressing a child in "boy only" clothing is the first step to molding them into societal expectations of what their role in life should look like in comparison to females, and vice versa.

Gender is a social construct. Who made pink a girl color and blue a boy color? a color is just a color.


Ad card – Chicago – Central Republic Bank And Trust – Lasalle at Adams – 15 of the 21 leading railroads bank with Central. Chuckman’s.

This will be us with our boy toys. Ps the guy and girl with thong looking thingys on is you and your boy cause I don't roll like that

I hear the soundtrack I feel the earth I see the stars I hear you lovers and friend s. Camp outdoors hike friends nature wild life love live happy happiness sky vw van like a boho bohemian Bohemia gypsy hippie