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a person is holding a pencil in their hand and painting a cat figure with white paint
Kako oblikovati mačka?
Step by step making of a cat - picture tute (could translate). I don't do a lot of sculpture, but where would we be without internet cat porn? #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials
an angel is holding a heart with the words, i am not strong on it
anielina: sierpień 2014
several clay cats sitting on top of a table next to scissors and paintbrushes
Hon Wah Law Once my granddaughter gets a bit older, this might be a fun clay project.
two ceramic houses hanging on the wall
Sonia Countrypainting e Torta di Mele
Sonia Countrypainting e Torta di Mele
three paper houses with red roof tops on a wooden table
two small ceramic fish sitting on top of each other
Account Suspended
N-62 Κάρτες Τοίχου Greeting Cards 13x13cm
three wooden houses are hanging on the wall next to each other, and one is painted with different colors
Ceramic houses