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a poster with the names and numbers for different languages in english, spanish, and greek
Ολιστική Παιδίατρος - Ανοσολόγος, Ομοιοπαθητική για παιδιά, Βελονισμός
a poster with the words roll a monster and two dices on it's side
Roll a Monster Game Free Printable
Cut out how many arms and legs etc... and then you get a dice and the build a monster game is on.
several different types of paper cut out on the floor
43 Quiet Time Activities for 2 Year Olds - How Wee Learn
Quiet activities for two year olds -matching toys
the poem is written in two languages, and has an image of a teddy bear holding a
Ζώα σε Χειμερία Νάρκη: Αρκούδες
Νηπιαγωγός για πάντα....: Ζώα σε Χειμερία Νάρκη: Αρκούδες