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an old blue and white doily with animals on it's side, in the middle
Augusta Auctions
two pieces of blue and white cloth with lines on the bottom, one is made from paper
Weave pattern: Bonaparte's March
Weave pattern: Bonaparte's March | Search | Collections | Southern Appalachian Digital Collections
an old cross stitch pattern with black and white squares
Weave pattern: Bonaparte's March
an old book with black and white designs on it
Pattern Book (Germany) | Images | Objects
an old fashioned cross stitch pattern with squares and dots on the bottom, in blue ink
a green check card with the words guest check written on it in red and black
Guest Check
flickr.com-photos-carlsoldphotos-faves-depressionpress-vintage-guest-check- click on the image- save as!
an old concert ticket for the p - linto kids, with horses on it
The Pinto Kid - Orillia, Ontario
the letter f is made up of black letters
Caslon’s Italian – detail from specimen
two matchboxes with designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
saul bass_matchbook
the front cover of among flowers by jamaica kingadi, with an image of a flower on it
eudf9hrxaaap_pl?format=jpg-name=medium | Are.na
a hand is holding a small bottle with an advertisement on it that says dom sebastan
screenshot.png | Are.na