Anyone else think of Jackie and Derek from falling in reverse? No... Just me? Okay....

The best friend break up song :) I will have to remember this for a few people

It really is a great movie

Alan Garner on

A moment of silence for our brother in the friendzone. oh god its so painful.

I swear I didn't do it, but I wish I did!

Lol my sister says that to me all the time if you didn't do it why are you laughing and I'm like cause it's fucking hilarious and whoever did it is a genius lol

New drink: movies + tumblr - Imgur

New drink: movies + tumblr - Imgur

Yeah, I'm a nurse...when the hell will I get to lie down, not even dead?!?

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oles ektos apo 3.

Ola ta leei h giagia mou! Oxi h mama mou XD 😂😂 aaa re ellhnida giagia 😂😂😂😂