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the flyer for an event with yarns and crochet in pink and white
Brioche Simplified Free Class
Join us Tuesday, July 11 at 11am CT and learn brioche knitting! Sponsored by the Hands on Knitting Center, this FREE one-hour class will cover the basics of single and two color flat brioche. In this class Molly Conroy-Ungerecht will teach you how to make two small projects using the brioche technique: makeup removers/small face cloths. Learn more about the skills used, materials needed, and your homework when you visit the registration page and sign up today!
two hands are holding yarn and knitting needles
How to Knit the Bobble Stitch
Upgrade your knitting skills! 🧶 Learn to knit the bobble stitch with this free video tutorial from We Are Knitters. You'll get step-by-step instructions and learn how to add interest and texture to your knitting projects. Click the link to get the free tutorial! [Sponsored by We Are Knitters]
the flyer for duplicate stitch hack with an image of a pink knitted beanie
Duplicate Stitch Hack: Embellish without Intarsia
There's still time to join our October knitting classes with Marly Bird! Don't miss out on Duplicate Stitch Hack: Embellish without Intarsia on November 2. Check out our entire advanced knitting class bundle for 50% off!
a basket filled with red yarn and knitting needles on top of a wooden table next to an orange crochet hook
Is It Easier to Learn to Knit or Crochet?
I'm one of the weirdos who found knitting easier to learn (I still only consider myself an entry-level crocheter). How about you? Which did you find easier?
the flyer for an event with yarn and knitting supplies
Jogless Stripes: 3 Ways to Hide the Color Jog
Check out our upcoming knitting class on October 26, Jogless Stripes: 3 Ways to Hide the Color Jog, to truly beautify your striped projects! Don't forget to check out the advanced knitting class bundle here:
an advertisement for the knitted project with text that reads it has pockets how to add knit
How to Knit Pockets
Don't miss this week's virtual knitting class, How to Knit Pockets Check out our advanced knitting class bundle to get these classes at a discounted rate:
a flyer for knitter's workshop with scissors and yarn on the front, text reads learn to knit 2 0
Free Knitting Class: Learn to Knit 2.0
Did you know we have online knitting classes? Check out our upcoming FREE event on 10/5, "Learn to Knit 2.0!" While you're at it, why not get the entire advanced knitting class bundle at a discount? Check it out here:
an advertisement for the crochet crocodile stitch event, featuring a purple shawl
Learn Crocodile Stitch
Have you heard of the crocodile stitch? If you also crochet and would love to learn how to do it, sign up for our class on 9/28 at 11am CDT! While you're at it, buy the whole advanced crochet class bundle for a discount!
a green knitted hat with the words crochet hats 1011 on it
Crocheting Hats
If you love knitting hats, you'll love crocheting hats, too! Sign up for a class from the lovely Marly Bird to learn how to crochet hats on 9/21 at 11am CDT
two hands are working on a piece of fabric with the words fixing common mistakes in crochet
Fixing Crochet Mistakes
If you're a knitter, you know how hard it can be to correct your knitting mistakes. It's hard with crocheting, too! Sign up to take our class on fixing crochet mistakes on 9/14 at 11am CDT!
an advertisement for the knitter's workshop with text that reads learn how to knit into music knitting live instruction expert advice expand your skills
Intro to Mosaic Knitting
Have you ever tried mosaic knitting? Now is your chance! Join us on 8/31 at 11AM CDT for a live, in-depth class on our favorite slip stitch technique:
a flyer for a knitted hat workshop with an image of a woman's face
Multi-Color Cables
Did you know you can knit cables in more than one color? The effect is stunning! If you've never learned how, join us this Tuesday, 8/24 at 11am CDT for a live class!
a flyer for a knitting class with instructions on how to knit
Fixing Common Mistakes in Knitting
Making mistakes while you're knitting is an annoying inevitability. The best way to arm yourself against your own errors is to learn how to identify and fix those mistakes! Join us this Tuesday, 8/17 at 11am CDT to learn everything you need to know. While you're at it, sign up for a bundle of all three upcoming advanced knitting classes at a discounted rate:
an advertisement for the learn to knit with mary bird event on friday, august 3
Free Learn to Knit Class
Looking to get your friends hooked on knitting? Tell them to join our FREE introductory knitting class this Tuesday, 8/3 at 11am CDT! Sign up here: