drapetsona 1922

Crowd farewelling troopship Nieuw Amsterdam carrying soldiers of the Reinforcements, Wellington, 7 April Photograph taken by Charles P S Boyer.

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Pontian Greeks lived in northern Turkey along the Black Sea. Near the end of WWI, suffering a similar fate of Armenians, Pontian Greeks began an armed resistance, leading to what became known as the Pontus resistance (αντάρτικο του Πόντου in Greek), which lasted until 1923, when most of the population were expelled from Turkey to Greece.

Greek fighters--perhaps blackshirts. Despite daunting odds, Greek rebels are fierce.

Athens. Odeion of Herodes.1934. Dorothy Burr Thompson.

1934 ~ A little cafe at the Herodion Theatre, under the Acropolis (photo by Dorothy Burr Thompson)

The waterfront and all its embassies, Smyrna 1910.

The waterfront and all its embassies, Smyrna