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Delicate Finishing Powders - Flawless By Sonya | Forever Living Products. Shop Online from Retail eshop. #MakeUp #Cosmetics #AloeVera #ForeverLivingProducts

Colour - Dark, Our aloe inspired Delicate Finishing Powder sets and perfects makeup. It also helps to control unwanted shine, while creating a smooth, natural, flawless finish. Available in 2 perfect shades: Light-Medium and Dark.

Delicious Lipsticks - Κραγιόν - Plum | Flawless By Sonya Της Forever Living Products #FlawlessBySonya #MakeUp #Cosmetics #AloeVera #ForeverLivingProducts

Infused with our very own aloe vera, this innovative flawless by Sonya Delicious Lipstick creates the perfect veil of colour for rich, luxurious and deliciously flawless lips. Plus, It comes in a range of colours.