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a cross stitch pattern with a dog's face on the front and back side
Free Crochet Pattern: Sloth C2C Square - Wildlife Graphghan CAL, Block 18
Sloth C2C Graph Version 2
a cross stitch cactus in a pot
the batman symbol is shown on a gray background with black and yellow dots around it
a white button with glasses on it sitting on a brown cloth covered surface in the shape of a football helmet
a cross stitch pattern with flowers and a potted plant on the top of it
a cross stitch pattern with red and green flowers in the shape of a flowerpot
Flower Pot | Pixels & Papercrafts
Flower Pot | Pixels & Papercrafts
a hand holding a small cross stitch bird ornament in front of a brick wall
a close up of a cross stitch pattern on a piece of cloth with an image of a bird holding a flag
CLARE WASSERMANN'S Threads of Loveliness
a cross stitch pattern with three cactus plants in the same potted plant, one is green and the other is red