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11-Year-Old Girl Escapes Arranged Marriage! She is a child. Thats not fair to her. Those words shouldnt be coming out of her mouth.

Funny pictures about Little Girl Escapes Arranged Marriage. Oh, and cool pics about Little Girl Escapes Arranged Marriage. Also, Little Girl Escapes Arranged Marriage photos.

May I correct this saying that, that is a baby. Babies do not go to the ICU, babies go to the NICU. "Intensive Care Unit" is for older poeple. "Neonatal Intensive Care Unit" is for babies. This is wrong.

Three-month old Joey Powling has become a viral hit, after his post-surgery photo meme-fied him as the “Ridiculously Good-looking Surgery Baby.

I don't even know what to say about this. This is not okay. But he is in heaven and know he can rest... R.I.P. Little man c: ♡

STOP BULLYING RIP, only double tap if you are on anything with tapping to like the picture.

Stop Animal Abuse!!!! | awesome | Pinterest | Animals

your animal is like your brother or sister. I remember when I get sad, My cat will curl up next to me. they help. and when someone does this it makes me sick. please repost, comment or like.