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an image of a cartoon with musical symbols
Speed Bump
Speed Bump for 7/25/2016
an iphone screen with music notes on it and a keyboard in the bottom right corner
a comic strip with the words i don't know what it is, but it has prolonged my life
The most incredibly lame classical music jokes
a sticker that says i don't know why she was so short with me
Musician Stickers - 1,000 Results | Zazzle
a warning sign on the side of a building
Morning Smile - Paperblog
Morning Smile
an image of music notes with the words well, aren't we all high and mighty?
Related image
a woman in a dress with the words on thanks, i got it at good will
Thrifting and Money Saving Tricks
lol...proud to be thrifty!
two speech bubbles with the words let's slow down for a second here and stop right now
All of the English majors out there, take a look at this one!
a piece of paper with some writing on it
The teacher who wrote this test:
Funny teachers who got the last laugh I'm going to do something like number 9 for the beginning of school to make sure my students READ THE DIRECTIONS!