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Amaryllis Fragou

Amaryllis Fragou
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The Demon Display The scroll of abolishment

'In Case' Presents Vampire and Demon Displays (Random Treat) - Bloody Disgusting

The Vampire Decorative Display A stake can do the job!

In case of e-shop.Be prepared for zombies,demons,werewolves,vampires and many other creatures.Manufacturing of emergency cabinets.

In Case Of Vampires So Hammer Film inspired!

Online retailer In Case Of has developed a clever series of wall cabinets containing just what you'd need to fend off an attack from a vamp, demon, wolf or zombie.

In Case Of Zombies - Melee Edition

Not for the faint of heart! A broad blade machete and a hunting knife mean that, when used, you see the black of the zombie eye. Do not take this lightly,

In Case Of Zombies #thewalkingdead is back in less than a week!

In Case Of Emergency Cabinets Provide Protection Against Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves & Demons - Daily Dead

In Case Of Demons Who's possessed?

Real size fire emergency cabinets modified with "necessary" equipment against supernatural disasters

Villa Malaparte - Capri, Italy

Curzio Malaparte & Adalberto Libera /// Villa Malaparte /// Capri, Italy /// 1943 OfHouses guest curated by Weltgebraus: “The villa creates a sort of "datum” to measure reality with.