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well made 1911 handguns; ranging from Kimber to Wilson Combat to LAR. This is a good example at how massive the LAR Grizzly is in comparison to it’s relatives. The one pictured is chambered.

The Aviationist » Stunning air-to-air photographs show Polish Su-22, F-16 and…

Polish Air Force Jets Up Close and Personal. In June, in collaboration with the Polish General Command of Armed Forces, Foto Poork’s Filip Modrzejewski has been involved in an air-to-air phot…

military picture: f16 cockpit arrangement diagram

The General Dynamics Fighting Falcon is a multirole stream warrior flying machine basically advanced by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force (USAF). Composed as an air prevalence […]

the piper cub poster

Complete Selection of Vintage Airplane Posters, Framed Aviation Artwork, World War WWII Artwork & Prints