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Collection of beautiful tattoos, tattoos for men, tattoos for women, tattoo ideas. Mr Pilgrim graffiti artist & graphic designer.
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This is it! Gonna tweak a little but this well be my tattoo with Meryk's name!!!
Aquarius Art Print 5x56x67x78x89x911x11 Art by JellyPrints on Etsy, $12.00
love this man's illustrations.   i'm following his instagram.   wish he could draw a tattoo for me.   always wanted a girl with pink hair!
Bleeding Rose Tattoo for Girls on Shoulder
There is a wide variety of unique tattoo designs for women and each has a specific meaning attached to it.
chasen9ne:  ‘Harlequin’ Design for a client, he’d specified that he wanted a Chicano clown girl with diamonds incorporated somehow, this was my solution.
Something I sketched out for me & my baby <3 Apparently a lot of people like it c: Matching tattoos Couple tattoos King and Queen Lion Crown Sketch
Rik Lee style for the thigh, in place of the gypsy head. I could put a more traditional spin on this, changing the wolf head to a tiger, etc.