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7.	Craftsmanship:  Aptitude, skill, or quality workmanship in use of tools and materials.

Even Adults Would Love These 30 Amazing Dollhouses

When you were little, did you play with a dollhouse that just wasn't everything you dreamed it would be? So maybe you took cardboard and construction paper and made additions.

Oh my gosh - these models are six feet tall and like dream dollhouses. Bough House by Rob Heard

Bough Houses – Rob Heard

I admit, I’ve always been fascinated by miniatures and dollhouses. But I would challenge anyone to not be fascinated by Rob Heard’s Bough Houses. Each one is an intricate sculpture, an …

Isometric sculptures by Ben Foster

Isometric sculptures by Ben Foster

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Book Sculpture Illustrates OCD With A Derailed Typography Train

It's been so inspiring over the past several years to see how creative artists turn traditional books into works of art. Sometimes they use thousands of books to make gigantic sculptures, and sometimes it's more subtle. This particular book sculpture caught my eye because of the typography and detail that went into this extraordinary train design. It's almost hard to believe that all this came out of a book. It makes you realize how versatile books are, and how nice it is to give them a…

Amazingly intricate 3D paper sculptures by Brazilian artist Carlos Meira.

Wonderful Paper Art

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Kyle Bean: " I love making things physically with my hands" ... "inspired by the law of conservation of mass: 'matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed'."

kyle bean interview

in the first of a new series of articles looking at how paper is used in contemporary design and illustration designboom talks to british designer kyle bean about his work.

Book Sculptures

11 Imaginative Book Sculptures That Make Stories Come Alive

There is nothing like reading a good book. After all, when it comes to storytelling, books are one of the oldest and most creative mediums. But these days artist Jodi Harvey-Brown likes to put a new twist on the book form. She tells stories through her paper sculptures made out of books. Harvey-Brown describes her […]

Artist Patrick Acton Recreates Harry Potter's Hogwarts School From Thousands of Matchsticks

Matchstick artist Patrick Acton has recreated the Hogwarts School of WIzardry, Lord of the Ring's Minas Tirith, Notre Dame, The Capitol Building and more out of hundreds of thousands of matchsticks.

Amazing book sculptures | Mustard Post

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These amazing book sculptures are created by artist Sue Blackwell, and were photographed by Johanna Parkin. We tweaked the colours and added some subtle lighting effects for Jo.

Hogwarts made from matchsticks. Mind blowing! (And all of a sudden my final projects seem that much more lame...)

Epic Hogwarts School Created Out Of 602,000 Matchsticks

With the last movie of the franchise looming, and a possible box office record for the Harry Potter series, everyone is putting their bets on an incredible Harry Potter product. Both unofficial and official products flood the market in an attempt to make a money pile at the seller's feet; however, it takes more than a cheesy little Hogwarts Mug or a second grade wizard wand to impress most hardcore Harry Potter fans, and we have seen many examples of this through the years. J. K. Rowling has…

This Whimsical Carousel | Community Post: 15 Pieces Of Book Art That Will Make You Gasp

This Whimsical Carousel

Books aren't just for reading. For Etsy creator, Malena Valcarcel, they're also a medium for art, jewelry and sculpture pieces.

Здравствуйте, наши уважаемые читатели!   Сегодня я, Кобяшова Юля , хочу показать подробнее свою сказочную карету, которой я вдохновляла ва...

НСкрап с Юлей Кобяшовой. Сказочная карета. Видео-мастер класс.

Здравствуйте, наши уважаемые читатели! Сегодня я, Кобяшова Юля, хочу показать подробнее свою сказочную карету, которой я вдохновляла вас в Задании №8 "Сказочное". Карета, сделана мной с нуля и это не просто предмет интерьера, а еще и подарочная упаковка, в которой можно чудесным образом преподнести что-то, например, сладости. В основе кареты бумага для акварели фирмы Palazzo и коллекция 'Delicious Recipes'. Кроме этого использовала лепнину, цветы, шебби ленту, полубусинки. Покажу детали…