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rhubarbes: rhubarbes:  Nonliteral by etwoo / Jiří Horáček. (via Nonliteral by etwoo on deviantART)   More concept art here.

He took a deep breath and placed his hand on the small indentation in front of him. When nothing happened, he was disappointed. The prophecy had been wrong, he was not select. He made to move his hand away and then discovered a strange change of color.

A poster-sized battle map created for WotC's D&D Lair Assault: "Attack of the Tyrant Claw". © 2011 Wizards of the Coast Attack of the Tyrant Claw Battle Map


The castle -- He didn't know whether to fear, or embrace the sunlight. How rare it shown, and yet, how brightly it lit the shadows. When things are in darkness, secrets can be kept. But light had a strange way of unearthing even the darkest truths.

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