Sunset at nglanggeran reservoir gunung kidul yogyakarta

very much a tourist in my city , from temples , mountains, beaches and even this one is a lot of demand , is the reservoir Nglanggeran in Gunung Kidul is one place that deserves to.

wonderfull waterfall sri gethuk at gunung kidul yogyakarta indonesia

Located in a very charming Yogyakarta my town, it's time the world kn.

Kali kuning pasca erupsi gunung Merapi

Kali kuning pasca erupsi gunung Merapi

Human Mode needed as soon as possible

a joke quite striking, so if we can not change settings in the sun it's time we change the settings in our world, to life in a better future

night cooking competition Indonesian independence celebrations

cooking show mothers in the context of Indonesian independence celebrations commemorating events in my village, is there anything like this in place?

welcome to tour Masangin Yogyakarta Indonesia

This may seem silly, what this girl did with eyes closed here, you must come and prove that you are lucky to get through two banyan trees in the square south of Yogyakarta palace.

welcome to the Castle jogja, baths royal family first

place wide enough for a shower antiquity, but in these days it is familiar and the call with a pool. Previously only certain royal families who can access it, now the place is full.

to the gates of the Castle palace baths jogja

in earlier times only the king and his family were able to enter this area, of course, a lot of soldiers guarding the palace this place, but now anyone can enter this area, because.

Tembi house of culture is a culture at bantul yogyakarta

List of Best Hotel, Hostel, Homestay, Lodging, Guest House and Bed & Breakfast (BnB) in Yogyakarta

borobudur temple larger temple in the world in Yogyakarta

budhas temple ever made, the biggest and amazing, stayed 30 km north of Yogyakarta Indonesia, miracle you must seen.

view at volcanoes museum kaliurang yogyakarta

This museum is located on the slopes of the mountain , a place to store everything related to volcanoes , please see how interesting this place to be a tourist destination in Yogya.

amazing an aerospace museum at sleman yogyakarta

a lot of places to be made as a tourist in my small town , one of which is the aerospace museum , so all your visits to include in the schedule when it comes to Yogyakarta

famous of Malioboro street in Yogyakarta Indonesia

This is malioboro, very famous to visitors, come and buy anything at both sides of the road.

hallway light in the museum Merapi and vulcanology Kaliurang Yogyakarta

This image is just about anything that is in this museum and a beautiful object to be targeted by the camera , to the museum I will upload later

Vredeburg beautiful museum in Yogyakarta Indonesia

One legacy of the Dutch colonial era is this fortress which today serves as the museum that stores memories in the Dutch colonial era , is located on the shoulder of a very famous .