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four different types of moths are shown in three separate images, one is white and the other is yellow
Yumi Okita. I don't know what these are made of (cloth?) but I think they're cool.
a woman standing in front of a blue background with pink and yellow lines on it
New textile graduates @ The Pattern Cloud — gathernomoss
New textile graduates @ The Pattern Cloud
the collage shows different colors and patterns on fabric, paper, and other items
Cassie Byrnes, Textile + Surface Designer — The Nice Niche
“I would describe my practice as well planned spontaneity. I always start with a considered palette and story allowing me to design freely and play with mark making, texture and composition. ” When faced with a design brief, I don’t look for the new; I look back, and guide myself with the inspiration that I’m constantly collecting through everyday life. A very visual person, I will snap until my camera roll is overloaded with images of lines, patterns, colour, composition form...
the logo for heart / soul is shown on top of a piece of white paper
as you can probably tell i love minimalist modern and triangles. but my personal and practice style is more organic modern
the logo for sewperfect, a sewing and needle shop that sells handmade items
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"sewperfect" Clever, minimal logo designs
the letter g and c is made up of black lines on a white background with an arrow
Modern Monogram & Logos for Sale
C&B Modern monogram by British freelance logo designer Richard Baird - richardbaird.com
the word laptop is written in white on a dark gray background, with small letters
Minimal Logo Designs Collection of Steven Crosby
Laptop - Logo Design - Wordmark, Logotype, Laptop, Computer, Clever, Minimal, Black & White
the logo for david bencini's new clothing line, which has been launched in
I Depend On Me - Various Logos
cool that it is all one line! but I want it to be easier to draw maybe, so I could draw it myself? || davide bencini
the mm interiors logo is shown in black and white
MM Interiors logo design
I think that this typographic logo is really eye catching. The artist chose to use only the first half of the M's but your eye kind of fills in the blank space anyway because the spacing is just perfect. So simple and elegant.
the letter r is drawn with a needle on a pink background, and it appears to be made out of yarn
Todos os tamanhos | ROSALYN | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!
the bloom workshop logo is shown with flowers on it and letters in white
40 Ways to Use Adobe Illustrator to Improve Your Blog and Business
The Bloom Workshop logo - Elle & Company