Walter Crane ~ My mother

Buckle my shoe picture book containing, One, two, buckle my shoe; A gaping-wide-mouth-waddling frog; My mother by Walter Crane. Published 1910 by John Lane, London & New York. See the complete book.

Walter Crane ~ Song of sixpence

1909 - Song of sixpence picture book; containing, Song of sixpence; An alphabet of old friends by Crane, Walter

Walter Crane ~ Song of sixpence

Not a book per se, but staple nursery rhyme [Sing a sing of sixpence - illustration by Walter Crane - Project Gutenberg eText]

Walter Crane ~ A gaping -wide-mouth-waddling frog

A Gaping Wide Mouth Waddling Frog -one of Walter Crane’s delightful childrens book illustrations. From Aesop’s to Buckle My Shoe and more, Walter Crane was a master of Art Nouveau illustrations of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

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