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an elf is sitting next to a toasty sandwich
35+ Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids
an ice cream sundae is on the counter with two elfs sitting next to it
the elfs are getting ready to eat their treats
an elf is sitting on the table next to some gummy bears and a bag of candies
100 Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas for you to copy | Hike n Dip
a toilet paper roll with a reindeer on it
an elf holding a sign that says 25 days of elf on the shelf
two trays filled with candy and an elf hat
two elfs sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says we have our eyes on you
Eyes on you
two elfs in a box with donuts and pretzels on the table
Do-nut worry the elves are back!
a door decorated with paper snowmen and hats
The Best Collection of Elf on the Shelf Ideas | Mama Cheaps
an elf is sitting in a gift box with the words surprise i'm back on it
25 Cute & Clever Ways To Celebrate the Arrival of Elf on the Shelf
an open book on top of a wooden table next to a candle and some beads