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a person holding up a book about people from my neighborhood by kimi kawakaki
the cinnamon bun book store sits on a tray next to two cups of coffee and an orange candle
The Cinnamon Bun Book Store 📚
The Pumpkin Spice Cafe book with the sequel The Cinnamon Bun Book Store 📚
the christmas bookhop by jenny colgan is in someone's hand on a bed
Cozy Christmas Read
a hand holding an old floppy disk with a cassette attached to it, while another person holds the disc in their other hand
Recuerdos de boda para tus invitados - Ejemplos originales
Los cassettes siempre quedarán en el recuerdo y de ahí que puedan formar parte de un regalo con sorpresa
an open box filled with movies and drinks on top of a wooden floor next to a bottle
12 Sorpresas para tu novio en un día inesperado
noche de peliculas More
an open cardboard box with some paper on it and the words 10 things i miss about you
Counting To More Than Ten: Coping With Unreasonable Behaviour When Caring For The Elderly
I made this one for my sailor on deployment. Personal touches to a care package can mean so much more.