What a great project for a rainy day. Let the grandkids raid your button box and make some colourful bracelets.

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Another cute elephant.

is this coffee/tea stained burlap? This guy would be so cute made out of pink or your kids favorite color fleece or nursery fabric.

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DIY Heart Dream Catcher for valentines day craft. This is a heart shaped outline of dream catcher. It is attract most girls so girls will be the costumers for this. Also, the boys could send it to girls as a gift.

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DIY Owl Mobile: Nice Picture Tutorial, from Graphisme Nem.

Valentines heart wreath made from cupcake liners

Valentines heart wreath made from cupcake liners - Finnegan Finnegan LeAnne how cute would this be with a second smaller heart out of the chocolate wrappers we saw today?

Dreamcatcher necklace. Avyanna

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Not sure what jewelry to wear with your casual barbeque outfit? how about dream catcher necklace!