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Fake it. But Make It.

As the saying goes, fake it till you make it. But make it. Earn it. Don't only fake it. Social media has given us the opportunity to fake it way too much.

Be a real fish.

No matter how beautiful and convenient life in the fish tank is, it's the ocean that "makes" a real fish.

Listen. Try not interrupting.

Social Media and Customer Service: Listening to Your Customers Matters

No need to be hysterical. But synchronise.

Doing things in synchrony (which means associating or combining things) is one of those critical elements of life. Just imagine: Giving birth, but 2 months ear

An appropriate quote for the first post!

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements. This quote is all I believe and want. Read more here!

What's the secret to master anything?

Is this one thing, the secret to master anything? Discover here!

Is this the most powerful quote on decision-making?

Everyone needs a good advice every now and then. Be it in personal life or business. But what the best advice for those seeking advice?

Short note to my ambitious self.

Success doesn't come overnight. It’s a long process. It requires smart, focused, continuous work. You cannot master every aspect of life.