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Fake it. But Make It.

As the saying goes, fake it till you make it. But make it. Earn it. Don't only fake it. Social media has given us the opportunity to fake it way too much.

Listen. Try not interrupting.

"Be all ears" To be “all ears” means to be very eager to hear what someone has to say. Example: “Do you want me to tell you about my trip to New York?” “I’m all ears!

No need to be hysterical. But synchronise.

"I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.

An appropriate quote for the first post!

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements. This quote is all I believe and want. Read more here!

What's the secret to master anything?

Is this one thing, the secret to master anything? Discover here!

Is this the most powerful quote on decision-making?

Everyone needs a good advice every now and then. Be it in personal life or business. But what the best advice for those seeking advice?

Short note to my ambitious self.

3 Approaches to Get Your Patent Application Moving Much Faster

Agreements vs Principles.

A few random key points about agreements, written or verbal. Read here!

Underestimating your influence, is underestimating yourself.

Fish hit frame-by-frame

Do not use a cannon to kill a mosquito - Confucius

How do we apply the concept of appropriate in life? Does appropriate means balanced? Read a bit more here.

Why you CANNOT expect the tomato to taste like feta cheese.

One of the best and healthiest salads that we love to have is our version of the Healthiest Greek Salad.