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a three tiered cake with white flowers on the top and green leaves on the bottom
Limoncello Yellow & Elegant Grey, Italian Inspired Wedding: Annabelle & Richard
a square cake decorated with red roses and green leaves
the process of painting flowers and leaves on a plate
🍄 Creative Salads !!!
🍄 Creative Salads !!!
a layered cake with carrots, celery and other toppings on a white plate
ТОП-6 ВКУСНЫХ САЛАТОВ 🍴 1.Салат из белокочанной капусты с курицей и... | Интересный контент в группе Вкусно и Полезно
there is a cake with red flowers on it
Salad Decoration
salad decoration - poppy flower out of tomato
a platter filled with rice, eggs and ladybugs on top of it
Jeu Interne / Enveloppe à gagner : Jeux concours interne
Jeu Interne / Enveloppe à gagner : Jeux concours interne
a person is holding up a plate with flowers on it and carrots in the middle
בלוג ישראלי מקסים מציג דרכים יצירתיות לעודד ילדים לאכול
a cake decorated with yellow flowers and green leaves
Idei pentru decorat salatele de boeuf
a plate with some food on it and the words russian written in red above it
Салат Красные маки: пошаговый рецепт приготовления
a cake with white frosting and green toppings
Kinkku-voileipäkakku | Mat, Läcker mat, Matidéer
a long sandwich on a plate with vegetables and herbs next to some condiments
Bûche salée (presque) 100% légumes – Saines Gourmandises | Marie Chioca
a cake with white frosting and vegetables on it
Recette : Le fameux pain sandwich de maman, un régal à tout coup.
a cake sitting on top of a wooden table