Properly organized fox storage

animal-factbook: “Fennec Foxes are highly social creatures with a rigid social hierarchy. When a pack of Fennec Foxes rest, they form what is often called a “Fennec Stack” with the alpha fox on the.

How adorable <3

Proud Cat Mom: "Thought you'd like to meet my new Kitten, I've named her: 'Snowdrop.' I wanted you to connect with her, before you dash off to the coffee shop.

dog love always works

When in all else fails.Hug the Dog For the home of a dog lover, this handcrafted funny sign is on a worn painted finish with doggie prints. Wonderful advice to make you feel better.

El gato que quizo alcanzar la luna.

I can see him now, sitting on the hill, reaching for the stars.


I'm the type of person who avoids going to parties and stays home to watch dog videos instead

Pas bouger ..surtout pas bouger....Il est là le bonheur !

Just a puppy with a ladybird on his nose to make you smile today ! Ps he went cock eyed looking at the ladybird initially 🐞