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And she left him lying dead in a pool of his own blood.                                          I don't know what this is from, but it is amazing in a really creepy way.

(Open RP) She sighed and twirled the kitchen knife that she stabbed me with. "That was pathetically easy." She walked to the end of the ally to make sure no one was around, then she came back and chafed my hand. "Then again," she mused.

"Never has any cigarette tasted better," he muttered to himself as he lifted it to his mouth with bloody hands.

I always have a quick smoke after another kill. It's become such a ritual that my fingers twitch when I think about murder in the light my mouth waters with anticipation for the familiar smoke drifting in and out of my lungs.

Blood? by *shiver, via Flickr

This what what that was on their minds when they bullied, suicide. It was satisfying to see blood all over. It made them fell better

Blood Communion. Vaulderie Chalice used by The Blood Divine Pack. Recovered from Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade by the founding members of Blut Göttlichen.

Blood bowl by *Nerium-Oleandr This is just.not normal (and it freaks me out because I have been watching a show about vampires! I really like the use of the shocking red on a muted background, and the detail on the hands and cup