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the text message is being displayed on an iphone's screenshote, and it appears
These mini lasagna bites are a lasagna rollup recipe made into bite size appetizers. It’s an easy holiday appetizer or just a fun lunch for the kids.
an image of a website page with information about the building and its surroundings in it
Was a Crystal Pyramid Discovered in the Bermuda Triangle?
This WOULD be cool. But even THIS picture LEADS to a SNOPES article saying this is FALSE. A MYTH. The picture may be an artist's impression of what it MIGHT look like IF it existed.
how to kill a character the checklist infographical poster - click to enlarge
Lol I now want to make a story just with the intention of breaking these rules
a newspaper page with an image of a fire
lysh on Twitter
#yesallwomen pic.twitter.com/Fed2pwM8og
the instructions for how to tie a snake on a leash with noodle in a sweater
That's awesome!! I mean, of course he'd love it, being cold-blooded and all, but ohmigosh! This makes me irrationally happy. :D
a piece of paper that is on top of a wooden table with words written in it
an article about how to make a character's death - sadder in facebook
Dear adult, no, I am not expecting a child; I need a side character's name. Dear student counselor, I'm not trying to commit suicide; I need to know how to kill of this character. Dear policemen, no, I actually am NOT a killer. Well, of real people... <<< EXACTLY this
the text is written in two different languages, and it appears to be an interesting language
Don't know how well this would play back into writing, but good to know
a person holding a small moth in their left hand, with the caption'we found it two times ago '
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Adorable Little Ball Of Nope
a pen is sitting on top of a piece of paper that has a drawing of a leaf
• Minimalist Lótus • #minimalistflowers #lótus #pinkbecker