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Thats so annoying

"Would you like a milkshake"? Ur friends mom "Yup the XXL w sprinkles and Extra Whip" ur friend "Uh well no I'm cool, well wd that be ok, we'll alright I'll take the extra small" me "She would like what I got" your friend looks at You

and I keep asking myself what's wrong with me

People ask me what is wrong I just want to yell "I don't know, ok, so just go away!" <<<<< theyre called mood swings, hun *snaps in z formation amd stomps away*

Especially this happens after you jump waves at the beach. At night you feel waves and when there's a a big wave you jump

Those things freaking out ! I wake up right when it feels like I am falling and then I realize that it is just a dream :)