anastasia kontopoulou

anastasia kontopoulou

anastasia kontopoulou
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traditional face decorations

Portrait of a Lanjiya Soura tribal woman with traditional piercings and tattoos, smoking a large hand rolled cigarette. The Soura are a tribe from Southern Odisha, northern coastal Andhra Pradesh in India. Photo by: © Coole Photography

Papua New Guinea. | Melpa Warrior.  Baiyer River. Western Highlands © Pedro Saura

"Melpa Warrior" ~ by Pedro Saura ~ Baiyer River, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea ~ Cannibalism and Head Hunting is still happening in the remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

Rashaida Bride, Eritrea.

““The veil still prevails among Bedouin women, who sew coins onto their face coverings as a sign of wealth. Sinai’s proud Bedouin were among the first converts to raise the burning brand of Islam during seventh-century Muslim conquests.