Natasa Tsouni

Natasa Tsouni

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After the bibs, I wanted to make something for my friend’s son Jonas. To be truthful, I didn’t get it done in time for his birthday, but that was the impetus for the project. I also ha…

Abacus Quiet Book Page - Learning to count for Toddlers by SewBusyCreationsbyAR on Etsy

Find a better life - non-woven hand-book...♥ Deniz ♥

If These Walls Could Speak: Jack's Quiet Book - revealed!

Pops and Podge: Quiet Book Page 3--Tie the Laces!...pattern

The Quiet Book Blog: Sabrina's Quiet Book

So here is page three in the series of my Under the Sea Quiet Book pages. It is very easy to sew and a perfect one for begin...

Love the use of snaps for eyes. Peekaboo cat quietbook page.

puzzle for child felt puzzle memory puzzle logic by loiseaubleu11, €18.00