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two pieces of black and white paper sitting on top of each other
Ceramic Matrix Composites Market Size, Industry Share Growth Forecast, Global Trends Report, [Latest]
Ceramic Matrix Composites Market categorizes the global market by Application (Energy & Power, Aerospace, Electrical & Electronics, Defense & Others), Type (Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide, Oxide/Oxide, Carbon/Carbon and Others) and by Region.
the entrance to an office building with stairs leading up to it and a sign on the wall
there is a set of stairs going up to the second floor with lights on them
Residence in Chalandri
The project refers to a "dual residential complex" located on the northern suburbs of Athens, on the outskirts of Mount Penteli. The positioning of the building volumes, the optimal orientation and the "range of privacy" create a wid...
the texture of concrete is white and gray with black dots on it, as well as small holes in the cement
The World's First 'Concrete' Ready-to-Wear And Accessories Collection By IVANKA | Yatzer
The World's First 'Concrete' Ready-to-Wear And Accessories Collection By IVANKA | Yatzer
a red fire hydrant sitting next to a white wall
Download – Erlebnis Fassade; Die Oberflächenstruktur als prägendes Element
the wall is made up of several different types of bricks and concretes, all in various shapes and sizes
Black Granite | Honed, Bush-Hammered, Big Chiseled, Etched
the corner of a building with white paint on it's exterior and side wall
concrete texture |Shared by Sparano + Mooney Architecture|
an image of white carpet texture background
Moleanos limestone | Finishings | Polished | Honed | Brushed
a large building with scaffolding on the side
Gevel Deschacht krijgt cachet met Equitone
the inside of a building with wooden floors and walls covered in woven fabric, as well as wood flooring
Muka Arquitectura, Javier Callejas Sevilla · Fuensanta House
Fuensanta House
a room with a fire in the fireplace
Framing the flames - Fine Homebuilding
A pebbled porthole. Design by Paul Froncek. Photo by Michael Mathers.